Monique Hurteau, MBA

Monique has an eclectic background which runs the gamut from writing & stand-up comedy-ing to consulting & personal training to Film/TV producing and she’s a gallery-represented fine artist too. She holds a MBA (Master’s degree in Business Administration) specializing in Management Consulting, has been teaching & facilitating for over 10 years, continues to add to her teaching credentials including a train-the-trainer certification and Provincial Instructor Diploma.Monique Hurteau Stand Up Comedian Media Club 2

Humour For Health blends some of Monique’s very favourite things ’cause stand-up comedy is lots o’ fun and she loves teaching and sharing her knowledge. Playing a role in showing people how they can bring more laughter into their lives is truly the best of both worlds.


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Monique Hurteau Jamaica Half Marathon

Monique Hurteau

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